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Van Ngo

Moonlight #398

Beta Delta - Spring 2019

To me, aKDPhi is unconditional love and support.

It is so easy for one to feel lost as a college student who is still trying to figure out what they want to do in life, and without the right people to help them get through that stage of adulthood, that feeling will only continue to grow. While I also experience this feeling as I make my way through my undergraduate years, I have my sisters who are always there to remind me that they are proud of me and help me realize that with every obstacle I face, I am only learning and growing into a better person. Instead of feeling defeated every time something doesn’t go the way I expect it to, I’m now more confident in my ability to get back on track and overcome those setbacks.

Why aKDPhi?

Never once have I felt like I didn’t have a shoulder to lean on, and I am beyond grateful to have aKDPhi as my support system.
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