MiMi Ha

Siri #383

Beta Beta - Spring 2018

Coming in to college, I had trouble making new friends. I took a chance with the sisters of aKDPhi and came out to their Back to School Club Party. Ever since that night, all of my sisters have given me strength, support, and unconditional love.

Why aKDPhi?

Growing up without any sisters, I always desired having a sister figure in my life. My family, Patenia-Ngo, has allowed me to be myself while teaching me valuable life lessons. My line sisters have been by my side and have continuously pushed me to be my best.

Our chapter as a whole has never failed to put a smile on my face. Whether it is simply our chapter meetings or a club party, I would always leave in a better mood. If it wasn’t for the sisters I have met, I wouldn't have found my home away from home.

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