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We Live by Our Pillars

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As one of the most important pillars, continuously building our everlasting sisterhood is essential for the growth of our sorority. Sisterhood gives us the mentality that we always have a strong support system to back us up, whether it be in our personal, professional, or academic careers. It not only shows our encouragement for each other, but it also represents the true unity of our bonds as individuals in an international sisterhood.


We hold our members to the highest academic standard by actively implementing study sessions throughout the semester and utilizing campus resources, along with our personal test bank. Our primary purpose of attending the university is to further our education and forge our career paths for the future. We highly encourage everyone to make their grades a top priority, first and foremost.


Many of our members are involved in different organizations on and off campus. Being involved in extracurricular activities demonstrates pride in our university and helps us build leadership skills. We take pride in the achievements all of our sisters have accomplished throughout their academic career. In fact, two aKDPhis founded the Texas Asian Panhellenic Council here at the University of Texas at Austin.


As we progress as an organization, we also reach out and give back to our community by holding service events and supporting other organizations in their cause. We participate in many different service events on and off campus - from volunteering at our school and local food banks to lending a helping hand at Austin's music festival and marathons. On top of that, our philanthropy is Breast Cancer Awareness. Every year in October, we host BCA week and Mr. Pink Pageant to raise money for that purpose.


Although we are an Asian-interest sorority, we are not Asian exclusive and we do welcome girls from different backgrounds. Each sister acknowledges their own cultural differences and is willing to learn about other cultures in the organization with an open mind. By hosting our Annual Origins Multicultural Showcase, we invite organizations of diverse backgrounds to share unique performances of their culture.



2004 Outstanding Service Organization

2005 Outstanding Service Organization

2011 Outstanding Service Organization

2018 Best in Service and Philanthropy

2019 Outstanding Service Organization 

2019 Outstanding New Member Program

2019 Scholastic Excellence Program

2019 TAPC Best Active GPA

2019 TAPC Best Chapter GPA

2020 Outstanding New Member Program

2020 Outstanding Public Relations

2020 Scholastic Excellence Program

2020 Chapter of the Year

2023 Chapter of the Year


2000 Chapter of the Year

2001 Anita Tso Award

2007 Anita Tso Award

2012 Anita Tso Award 

2016 Anita Tso Award

2016 5 Star Chapter Rating

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