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The Beginning


"At a national meeting with all the chapter presidents present, [the sorority] held a roundtable on what cause we wanted to support. Different people nominated different causes. I personally nominated Breast Cancer Awareness. I know one would think it was because I was personally impacted by the loss of my mom (a foreign college student from Hong Kong who ended up working her way up to become one of the top Barbie designers for Mattel Toys) from breast cancer during my junior year in college. But the real driver for me was having just read some startling statistics about which causes get the most national funding. Diseases or issues that impact the wealthiest parts of society (i.e. pro-athletes, celebrities, male business executives) got the most attention and thus the most funding. I thought to myself, "If we as women don’t fight for issues or causes that directly impact us, then who will? When’s the last time you saw a fraternity making Breast Cancer Awareness their national philanthropy?" And because women are truly the heart of every family, those impacted include everyone in society, not just women.”     


– Jasmine Tso, UC Riverside alumna and former Director

Since that meeting in 1999, alpha Kappa Delta Phi Sorority, Inc. has been in the fight against breast cancer. Each year, sisters and new members are asked to join the fight by raising awareness and funds for breast health and cancer research. We have donated over $1,100,000 to help millions of women and their families fight and end breast cancer.


hours spent to benefit our local communities and national philanthropy each year


raised for breast cancer awareness, our national philanthropy

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