Why aKDPhi?

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Katana #361

Alpha Psi - Spring 2017

It's pretty safe to say I'm a little quirky and nerdy; coming into college, I felt that I had to hide that side of me to make friends and thrive in my preconceived notions of what college was. The sisters of alpha Kappa Delta Phi showed me how to own my quirks, to find my confidence, and to speak my voice. My bigs, line sisters, and littles have been integral to the process of finding my identity in college. Last December, I was incredibly nervous for my first poster presentation ever, where I was presenting my immunology research that I had dedicated numerous hours to for over a year. Never had I expected anyone to show up to a "boring" poster presentation, but to my surprise, my bigs showed up engaged and ready to absorb any information that I would present to them. In the following semester, an entire crowd of my line sisters and littles showed up to support me, my poster presentation, and my passion for research. Embarrassingly, I cried of happiness after the poster presentation ended when everyone left. My line sisters and family didn't have to take time out of their days to support me at my poster presentation, which, mind you, is not the most entertaining, but they did.

Why aKDPhi?

Unconditional support is what I found in aKDPhi and is what you will too. I promise.

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Lotus #356

Alpha Chi - Fall 2016

aKDPhi is something to experience on your own because no amount of explaining can accurately depict how grateful I am to be apart of this. Coming into college was a fresh start for me, and I didn’t think a sisterhood was something I would be open to. To be quite honest, I just came out to the rush events for free food and prizes, and next thing you know I have bigs and littles who support me.

Why aKDPhi?

They bring out the best in me by encouraging me to go past my comfort zone, but also accept me for who I am.

Through my undergrad, my sisters and I have done so many things together like grow, joke and study together; I don't think I can see myself experiencing college any other way.

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Papa Bear #346

Alpha Phi - Spring 2016

I found my heart in my sisters. I found my role models, my best friends, and people who accept all of who I am. I’ve learned how to be confident in myself and give myself the credit that I deserve because of my sisters. I’ve learned that it’s okay to make mistakes because I’ve been shown forgiveness. I’ve learned that no matter how hard I fall, I will always be caught.

Why aKDPhi?

Honestly, why not aKDPhi? I've become the person who I am proud of because of the unconditional love my sisters have given me.

And I only wish for everyone to experience this type of love in their life.