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Why aKDPhi?

Click on a sister's name to read why they chose aKDPhi!

Ice Queen #428

Beta Zeta - Spring 2020

College is a time defined by discovery. You discover who you are, you discover your passions and values, and you discover the people who will make your college experience all the greater. When I joined aKDPhi, I joined a sisterhood that has brought endless joy and added many unforgettable memories to my very own college experience. In the short time I have known my sisters, they have exhibited unparalleled generosity and compassion.

Why aKDPhi?

They have revealed to me experiences and friendships that I would never have come across on my own. In joining aKDPhi, I also discovered valuable parts of myself. Through my sisters and the unlimited support offered by aKDPhi, I have uncovered new values and qualities that have served to make me a stronger and better person.

Although I never expected to join a sisterhood like aKDPhi, this decision has been one of the greatest choices I’ve made in my college career. I couldn’t imagine a world where I didn’t have my sisters by my side.

Milan #420

Beta Zeta - Spring 2020

I truly believe that aKDPhi chose me. Like many, I didn’t think I’d ever join a sorority. Yet, I completely fell in love with the sorority and the incredible girls in it. I admired the livelihood and strong sense of sisterhood in the sorority. I admired the variety of kind and talented girls within the sorority. And I admired the limitless love and support I felt every day with them. Gaining sisters for life was truly a blessing I never saw coming.

Why aKDPhi?

They are now a part of my journey here at UT. They have already made everlasting impacts on me without even realizing it.

I am so excited for the lifetime of adventures and opportunities that this sorority will bring to me.

Spyro #418

Beta Epsilon - Fall 2019

My initial desires when coming to college was to find a fresh start and take time to find myself. UT has such a huge campus and I felt so out of place. This was until I joined aKDPhi. I have always had a difficult time creating close connections to other people, and even despite that, everyone that I have surrounded myself with has done nothing but given me an endless amount of genuine kindness and compassion. My sisters make me feel so at-home and have taught me things about myself I never knew.

Why aKDPhi?

From my experience, there has never been a moment where in a time of need I ever lacked support or love. There is not one memory that I don’t cherish with each person that I have met through aKDPhi. In the short amount of time that has passed, my growth as an individual has accelerated. Not only that, but those who I surround myself with continuously push me everyday to become a better version of myself.

Through joining aKDPhi, the expectations I had possessed for college have been exceeded. I got everything I wanted and more. Never in a million years did I think I could meet such a positive group of people who do nothing but show me affection in the purest form. My sisters have shown me that being vulnerable is completely okay and that there will always be someone out there who will love you for who you are, nothing less.

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