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Why aKDPhi?

Click on a sister's name to read why they chose aKDPhi!

Bibble #487

Beta Lambda - Spring 2023

When transferring into UT Austin, joining a sorority was never in my plans, but sometimes the best things in life are the unexpected ones. Not regretting my decision to join after being convinced by a member, little did I know these girls would have changed my life forever.

Why aKPDhi?

Keeping me on my toes, these women are truly my role models inspiring me every day in different ways. Whether that's learning a new food recipe, makeup look, or a fun fact about anything - these girls are truly people who I call my family no matter what.

Shego #485

Beta Lambda - Spring 2023

Looking back at my freshman self, I would have never thought I would be who I am today. I didn't know what I wanted to do going into college and what I wanted to leave with. aKDPhi has placed me in so many situations where I've been challenged mentally and even physically, but in the end, I'm grateful for everything that I've experienced because it has led me to grow so much as a person.

Why aKDPhi?

My sisters are some of the most selfless, supportive, and hard-working people I've met and I have and will cherish every memory I have with them. I'm so grateful I've met them through aKDPhi and I'm excited to see where the future takes us.

Ice Queen #428

Beta Zeta - Spring 2020

College is a time defined by discovery. You discover who you are, you discover your passions and values, and you discover the people who will make your college experience all the greater. When I joined aKDPhi, I joined a sisterhood that has brought endless joy and added many unforgettable memories to my very own college experience. In the short time I have known my sisters, they have exhibited unparalleled generosity and compassion.

Why aKDPhi?

They have revealed to me experiences and friendships that I would never have come across on my own. In joining aKDPhi, I also discovered valuable parts of myself. Through my sisters and the unlimited support offered by aKDPhi, I have uncovered new values and qualities that have served to make me a stronger and better person.

Although I never expected to join a sisterhood like aKDPhi, this decision has been one of the greatest choices I’ve made in my college career. I couldn’t imagine a world where I didn’t have my sisters by my side.

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